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Glanz der Antike

In the organizer's words:

Several hundred exhibits from over six millennia, from the 5th millennium BC to the 8th century AD, and from almost all countries around the Mediterranean to the Middle East - this is how diverse antiquity is presented in Museum Zeughaus C5. Whether Greeks, Etruscans and Romans or the advanced civilizations of the Orient - they all cultivated a lively transfer of ideas and technology and "globalized" trade to the point of product piracy. Their cultural exchange promoted social diversity and development. Original objects dating back thousands of years, displays, architectural models, natural history specimens and hands-on stations make exploring antiquity an experience for all generations and bring the fascinating world of antiquity to life.

Precious works of art and impressive tools demonstrate the diversity of life at that time, while images of gods and burial objects reveal different beliefs and the search for security. For, as in modern times, splendor and crises were closely intertwined in antiquity.

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