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Glueheads - Eine Berliner Odyssee ins Unwirkliche

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Anelor Robin † | maycec | Jorge Chamorro | Caro Mantke | Lula Valletta | Natascha Frioud | D.M. Nagu | Lydia Mojzis | Niels Kalk | Isabel Reitemeyer | Aline Helmcke | Cédric Mantel | Maike Zimmermann | Clémentine Rettig | Rinus van Alebeek

GlueHeads (2014-2018) was a contemporary collage project that brought together a group of collage-minded artist:s, lots of magazines, scissors and glue, and a touch of good humor.

Berlin is the city where Anelor Robin started the GlueHeads project in 2014. Little did she know that by 2023 GlueHeads would outgrow the project and become a group of friends, a Berlin collage collective of which she was and always will be the glue.

Even though the GlueHeads project died along with Anelor, who was suddenly and unexpectedly killed in a Berlin traffic accident, the GlueHeads are still very active as a collective. Anelor's endless curiosity and generosity remains. One is a GlueHead for life. The exhibition features collages by Berlin GlueHeads, work by Anelor Robin, and GlueHeads publications.

The basic principles of the GlueHeads project were as simple as they were effective: one day, one exhibition, one issue. For each issue of the GlueHeads project, curator Anelor Robin brought together artist:s working with different collage techniques. To make each exhibition and its accompanying zine unique and keep the concept fresh, each GlueHeads session took place in a different gallery with an entirely new group of artists. During the day, the artists created the collages in the gallery, which were shown to the public at the end of the day and eventually ended up in the next issue of the GlueHeads zine. All of the artist:s brought their own materials, but the focus was also on sharing, collaborating, and creating a collective stew of raw and unexpected creative ingredients to draw from.

The GlueHeads zine was to consist entirely of collages created on the day itself. The zine was not only meant to document these ephemeral works, but given the medium of the zine, it was also meant to be considered a substantial and comprehensive work in itself. Anelor organized GlueHeads issues 1-5 in Berlin before traveling with the concept to Turkey, Morocco, Iran, and Belgrade in Serbia. The GlueHeads community (everyone who has ever participated in or been invited to a GlueHeads session) includes 58 artist:s from across Europe, North Africa and Asia.

The exhibition is a dazzling, colorful mix of collages. The artists:inside shown here are only a part of the long-standing Berlin GlueHeads: the heart of the project. They all share the GlueHead spirit and are important members of the international collage community in Berlin. Everything from sound collages to tablecloths, records, video collages, analog collages, and objects from Anelor's Wunderkammer collections are included.

The exhibition is curated by Lula Valletta, also a GlueHead and friend of Anelor. To show the diversity and growth of the GlueHeads project, Lula has taken a "reverse GlueHeads tour" by visiting each of the artists at home or in their studios, where she has assembled a selection of collages, some older and some brand new, in the spirit of GlueHeads and Anelor. Kicking things off is Anelor's personal archive, on view for the first time since her fatal accident four years ago. This exhibition, which celebrates the contemporary collage project GlueHeads, is dedicated to her memory.

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