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Excerpt from the Springtime press release by Linus Volkmann:
One is simply moved by the emotional depth of these songs. They would have the power to make you howl even with a shabby acoustic guitar at the campfire. But the fact that Gregor McEwan expands them with such a varied sound aesthetic proves the exceptional position that the Berliner-by-choice occupies (...) These are almost obscenely virtuoso songs, an essence. Perhaps McEwan has never presented his art to us in such a focused way. These pieces are an event! All the adrenaline, the happiness, the melancholy that floods you here. That's what this form of music has to be about - nothing else. I'm exhausted every time after listening to it. Thanks for that!

Excerpt from the Summertime press release by Bernd Begemann:
Gregor McEwan is releasing an EP with four songs on each of the four seasons. Spring and autumn were already. Now comes SUMMER, baby! The best season, the plump fruit of life... You listen to the hot Summer Breeze EP, you bob to it, you are NOW already on the beach! (...) Listen to it right now and take the lead with you to the beach party!

Excerpt from the Autumn/Fall press info by Jörkk Mechenbier:
All the horny stuff Gregor McEwan sells in his musical hawker's tray is consistently worth seeing or hearing, and fascinatingly often - and above all in a unique way - blends seemingly completely incompatible elements into a homogeneous whole (...) Great feelings wrapped in warm euphony, far away from the whiny clichés that many others strive to create such an atmosphere, as McEwan succeeds again and again. Each song animated with its own drama and depth, each blessed with a different perspective on ups & downs, love & hate, and dos & don'ts. Written from a life lived with an open heart and even more open eyes.

Excerpt from Wintertime press info by Kati von Schwerin:
With the Winter Sleep EP by Gregor McEwan we get what we especially need right now: Four beautiful songs that invite us with a warm drink and a warm blanket to leave the daily hustle and bustle behind us and to reconcile a little with the winter blues (...) And even if the Wintertime EP comes with rather worn arrangements and perfectly captures the dreariness of this time of year, it still warms your heart, because McEwan's voice creates a comforting warmth that is often missed elsewhere.

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