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Gustav Peter Wöhler & Christian Maintz - Und der Haifisch, der hat Zähne...

In the organizer's words:

Gustav Peter Wöhler and Christian Maintz read ballads and morality tales.

Poetry is traditionally regarded as a genre of emotional expression, but there are also poems that tell entertaining, dramatic or comic stories: Ballads and moritats. In the past, they were performed at fairs; later, the most classic ones were learned by heart in German lessons; today they are often reworked in a more humorous way. The actor Gustav Peter Wöhler and the author Christian Maintz read such narrative poems, including well-known and unknown, old and new, romantic and factual. The program includes texts by Goethe, Heine, Busch, Kästner, Brecht, Ringelnatz, Kaléko, Ror Wolf and, of course, Christian Maintz himself.

Gustav Peter Wöhler is one of the most distinguished German-speaking film, television and theater actors of his generation. He has worked with various prominent directors such as Peter Zadek, Werner Herzog, Doris Dörrie, Peter Timm and Neele Vollmar, regularly performs in theaters between Hamburg, Berlin and Salzburg and has appeared in countless film and television productions. In 2013 he received the German Audiobook Award. As a singer, he regularly tours with the legendary Gustav-Peter-Wöhler-Band.

Christian Maintz is an author and literary scholar and, according to NDR-Kultur, "Hamburg's expert for poetry with humor". He is a two-time winner of the Wilhelm Busch Prize and often reads in duets with well-known partners, formerly with Harry Rowohlt, now with Barbara Auer, Meike Droste, Nina Petri, Peter Lohmeyer and others. His critically acclaimed poetry collection "Liebe in Lokalen" was published in 2016, followed by the anthology "Vom Knödel wollen wir singen" in 2018.

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