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Ausverkauft | Gysi gegen Guttenberg Live

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The entertaining discussion podcast of the popular (ex-)politician will go LIVE in winter 2023 Pointed, entertaining, critical, but ultimately always conciliatory: This is what makes the podcast "Gysi gegen Guttenberg" - and has brought it chart success and wide coverage shortly after its launch. Now comes the next step: "Gysi gegen Guttenberg" becomes a live stage show.
In their hometowns of Kulmbach and Berlin, viewers can experience the two hosts Gregor Gysi and KT Guttenberg live together in December 2023. On Monday the 11.12. the two appear in the city hall Kulmbach, on Saturday the 16.12. talken Gysi and Guttenberg on the stage of the Babylon Kreuzberg in Berlin.
The advance booking starts on Wednesday, 11 October. Tickets are available at all known ticket agencies.
To the podcast Gysi against Guttenberg: Gregor Gysi and Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg are two of the most popular and contentious (ex-)politicians of the last 30 years. In June, they launched their podcast "Gysi gegen Guttenberg", a cooperation between Open Minds Media GmbH and Podstars by OMR. Every Wednesday, the duo discusses and jokes about private, social or political topics. After only ten weeks, the response to "GGG" has been overwhelming: Almost consistently, the podcast has held the top spot in Spotify and Apple's podcast news charts since the first episode.

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