PHOTO: © Odonien

Heimspiel in Odonien

In the organizer's words:
//Home game Odonien
24.5.2024 Doors 23:00
Elmar Strathe
Henning Seebode
Jester Rush
Kuiper Belt Objects
//This event is dedicated to all employees of Odonien. We thank everyone who pours their heart and soul into making this a beautiful place. The revenue will be shared fairly among all team members.
//code of conduct
Zero tolerance for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, ableism, any kind of discrimination, violence, sexual misconduct or bullying.
Respect each other and respect yourself. Respect your limits and those of other people. Respect our staff and location.
If there is a problem, if you don't feel safe or if you notice a person who needs help, please reach out: Talk to the people around you and inform the bar staff or bouncer at any time.
NO PHONE CLUB - There is an absolute photo ban in the club
Odonien should be a place where solidarity comes first. We invite everyone to have a good time together. Any form of discrimination has no place here. Together we want to create a space where everyone feels accepted and respected.
Know your own boundaries and respect the boundaries of other people.
Take care of each other!
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Odonien Hornstraße 85 50823 Köln

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