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HG.Butzko - Ach ja!

In the organizer's words:

Who hasn't heard the saying: "We only borrowed the earth from our children"?
But let's be honest, that didn't mean that the kids would take it seriously, demand the loan back and no longer grant credit simply because we have lived beyond our means. That begs the question: how could it have come to this?

And because HG. Butzko started doing cabaret 25 years ago, he now dares to take a look at the warning notices of the last quarter of a century and it becomes clear that it is time to take stock and settle accounts with the tricksters and deceivers, the blind and the deceived, the elected and the voters, the butchers and the calves.

And that's why the Gelsenkirchen brain pacemaker of German cabaret is once again shedding light on all the lies, cover-ups and false promises of the last 25 years in politics, business and the media. Well, not all of them. Then the program would last four days.
But if you want to understand why we are where we are today, the liabilities of the past must be executed so that the non-binding falls by the wayside in the future.

From now on we will be asked to pay. At the latest when we enter the new cabaret with HG. Butzko .... oh yes.

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Price information:

toll-free at 040-55565556 or by e-mail to Vvk at almahoppe . de

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