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Hildegart Scholten: Gefühlsecht

In the organizer's words:

Humor queen Hildegart Scholten transforms messed-up lives into art with great freedom and empathy. She loves fine satire, quick repartee and her favorite mail. So she gives the audience plenty of samples of the satirical parental writing culture. Be it the bizarre moments of her life, wonderful texts from her mother's pen or lively excerpts from the clan - the Scholten catharsis touches with immense honesty.

When Ms. Scholten deals with all our lives, the humor colors are unique. One minute she's seducing you with her communicative talent, the next she's giving you a ravishingly vocal song. Charismatic and physically smart, she raises her voice and shows how absurd life is. Entertainment between exact everyday observation, socio-political claim and quick-witted comedy.

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from €17.37


Atelier Theater Roonstraße 78 50674 Köln