HINTER GUTEN TÜREN - Premiere mit Regisseurin Julia Beerhold

In the organizer's words:

Cinema premiere

with director Julia Beerhold & Üwen Ergün (National Coalition)

Moderation: Birger Holz (BilderKraft)

In cooperation with National Coalition & BilderKraft

Q&A after the movie


This is the story of two siblings. Their parents loved and nurtured them. But the parents also practiced brute force: The children were beaten, even on wounds. They were slapped when they fell down. Sometimes for no reason. For the parents, this was no contradiction. They claimed to love their children, and the children believed it.

The two children are the director and her brother.
The film documents the family's story and the attempt to talk about something that is usually kept quiet: The abuse of one's own children.

A film about guilt, forgiveness - and the longing for family.

(Content note: Descriptions of direct physical, psychological and sexualized violence against children).

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Moviemento Kottbusser Damm 22 10967 Berlin

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