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Hoaxilla Live - Die wahre Wahrheit ™

In the organizer's words:

The successful science podcast live for the first time.

With "HOAXILLA® live" Alexa and Alexander bring their years of experience in debunking conspiracy myths and pseudoscience, as well as their experiences with a countless amount of curious, beautiful, but also absurd mails, comments and encounters on stage.

With a fair amount of enthusiasm for the facts behind fictions, they chat live from the sewing box. But not only that:

The audience* can ask the two their questions directly!

HOAXILLA® takes the audience on an entertaining search for the aaabsolute "real truth™". In the process, Alexa and Alexander also provide real tips and tricks to protect against nonsense circulating on the Internet and elsewhere.

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FZW Dortmund Ritterstraße 20 44137 Dortmund

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