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First of all: Deke Dickerson is a legend of American roots music! "It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it," asserts veteran musician/singer/entertainer Deke Dickerson. As usual, Dickerson adds dry wit to a serious proclamation of his career intentions: to keep American roots music alive while injecting new creativity - a blood transfusion, if you will - into musical genres that have flourished in recent decades. For these efforts, he was rewarded with the Ameripolitan "Musician of the Year" award, among others. Deke Dickerson is 52 years old, has carried the roots music torch since he was 13 and played in his first rockabilly band in his hometown of Columbia, Missouri. After moving to Los Angeles at age 22, he carved out a niche for himself in Tinseltown. Dickerson not only played in his main band, Deke Dickerson and the Ecco-Fonics, and his newest group, Deke Dickerson and the Whippersnappers, but also provided roots music for a number of television shows and film projects (including the music for Johnny Knoxville's Paramount Pictures film Action Point). Now at the 4th Honky Tonk Harbour, Deke will perform his latest album, "Honky Tonkin' Rhythm," live in the company of the German Round Up Boys, who will perform that evening as The Night Wranglers!


Rockin' Bonnie Western Bound Combo have been live on stage for years, and on their great live show they present a traditional steel guitar sound with fast-paced energy, combined with their love for hillbilly bop, western swing, honky tonk, country and a powerful load of rockabilly. They've worked hard to hone a smooth, polished style, as evidenced by their rich discography full of obscure gems as well as never-boring original numbers. The rockin' hillbillies from Italy look good, wear flashy vintage Western suits, and have a lot to say in the language of country music and old-time rock 'n' roll. To date, they have participated in some of the most important festivals throughout Europe and have also performed at live shows in the United States.


It really takes an Italian band to show the bluegrass community in the USA what music sounded like in the golden 50s of the genre. Without any modernisms, the five Italians lead back to the wild, raw and energetic sound of the early years. Not only do they sound strikingly close to the originals (none of whom are really active anymore), but they also look as if they had sprung from a show of that era. Attentive to detail, they show up in cool stylish stage attire and (like a show in a barn in deep hillbilly country) don't need more than a single microphone around which they dynamically yet complexly choreograph. Their intense, polyphonic vocals sound as if they were on an old record and betray practically no accent, as even a critic of the most important trade journal "Bluegrass Unlimited" admired. With one of the most important and typical elements of the early days, the humorous and varied authentic stage show, as well as their Italian charm, they will delight any audience.

Admission: 19:00

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