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Island - Tor zur Hölle?! Literatur meets Comedy

You cannot miss this event.
In the organizer's words:

Iceland - the icy land of eternal darkness, where nasty elves are up to mischief and you can go straight to the realm of the dead? Or something completely different?
With "literature meets stand-up comedy", Ása Ástardóttir and Ulrike Serowy blow the dust off the reading table and take the audience on a gripping journey through the black-humored night side of Iceland, the island of longing.

Ása Ástardóttir, Icelandic comedian and TV personality, is the perfect tour guide for an evening full of gruesome stories and bizarre jokes. In her comedy stand-up, she talks about her experiences with the supernatural, reveals survival tips for dealing with elves and volcanoes and gives an insight into the macabre side of the Icelandic soul.

Ulrike Serowy is an author from Cologne and is completely under the spell of Iceland. So it's no wonder that her new novel is also set there. In "Highway to Hel", student Max and the not-quite-dead Claire end up on the island, where they have to answer vital questions: Why is Claire sometimes like dead and sometimes not? What is this Vegvísir that keeps popping up? And why should you always have a salami to hand in the afterlife?

Two opposites like fire and ice: Ása's comedy and Ulrike's literature come together.

A bizarre cross-over adventure that has never been seen before: Dark humor meets dark literature, in which life is celebrated.

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Price information:

10,00 €


Literaturhaus Köln Großer Griechenmarkt 39 50676 Köln

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