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Ich hab dich, Babe

In the organizer's words:

They actually wanted to do a really nice song recital. Something for the heart. It can't be that difficult. But the five actors, who are now down to four, decided not to do a song recital after all. After all, what are they supposed to sing and what do they actually want to convey?
Romantic love has become such an essential part of our self-image today that we find it hard to imagine that it was ever any different. From the Enlightenment and Romanticism to today's pop culture, it has made a triumphant triumphal march and is seen by many as the only antithesis to the capitalist social order. But it is not only since a large part of the dating and marriage market has been linked to the possibilities of the internet that the question has arisen: how natural, how original, how blind is love at all?
Based on these questions, Hannah Frauenrath and Vincent Doddema, together with the players, have developed a light-footed evening about the difficulty of moving in the shadows of one's own expectations. In their search for the right words to describe the phenomenon of love, they are confronted with their own vulnerability. And the helpless, desperate attempts of the four to capture a possibly indescribable feeling in discourse are more touching in their failure than any supposedly clever analysis. "We loved each other like hell, then he came and we didn't know what to do", sings Heinz Rudolf Kunze. That's how it is.

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