In the organizer's words:

We all know it: the real state madness takes place behind the scenes. Decisions are not made in the glare of the headline hyenas, but where nobody bothers: in the backroom of power. New parliamentarians duel with old hands, ghostwriters dance with ushers, horse-trading here, espionage there. Is the Bundestag corrupt? Dilettantish? Convoluted? Yes, all of the above. And yet it is one of the funniest parliaments we know.

"Highly amusing." (Berliner Zeitung)

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Written by: ONKeL fISCH
Director: Sebastian Wirnitzer
On stage: Timo Doleys, Jens Eulenberger, Caroline Lux
On the instruments: Falk Breitkreuz, Tilman Ritter

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Kabarett-Theater DISTEL Friedrichstr. 101 10117 Berlin