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until 12.05.2024

Imagination and intuition - interpreted in their very own way by two artists from Munich. Contradictory and yet coherent and harmonious.

WOMEN are currently the preferred subject of most of Gabriele Demmel's artworks. The cheerful, colorful, expressive female faces were created in the artist's studio last year. With an ironic sideways glance at FEMALITY, she paints a cheerful picture of women. Big saucer eyes, neon-colored lips, purple, green, yellow, blue, pink and checkered hair - this is how the artist paints her view of femininity. Special colors suit special WOMEN - and should bring a smile to the viewer's face.

Angela Semmler loves to play intuitively with bold colors, intense materials, the elements and inspiration from inside and outside. Her predominantly abstract paintings are created layer upon layer. Structures and surfaces build up, depths become visible. The experiments with chance, the reaction to the individuality of the stone flours, waxes, marsh lime, chalks etc. used are an adventure in an exciting creative process.

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Vernissage: April 10

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Kulturzentrum Trudering Wasserburger Landstraße 32 81825 München

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