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Ines Anioli
"Goddess" Tour 2023

Note: Admission to the event only from 16 years!

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Goddesses aren't what they used to be either: Nike is now a sneaker, Demeter can only be found in health food stores and Artemis has become a flat-rate whorehouse. But goddesses are among us - they come in all colors and shapes and should be celebrated, says Ines Anioli.

In her solo program "GODDESS", the Duisburg native impressively proves why she is one of the most important and entertaining representatives of the entertainment industry in this country: Authentic stand-up comedy with attitude, heart and brains. After focusing on small and intimate shows - including "Feet & Greet" - in September 2022, the comedienne will return to the big stages in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for 17 shows in the fall of 2023. With a partly new program, which will be tested exclusively in front of an audience at two tryout shows in Essen and Cologne in March 2023.

Ines Anioli never misses a "relevant" topic: "GODDESS" deals with everything from waxing, Ted Bundy and ideals of beauty today and in the past to witches and the things people do for love to the romanticization of crime. And, of course, it's about the question: "How do you let your inner goddess out?" You can find out Ines Anioli's answer to this question and what consequences you might have to prepare for live on her "GODDESS" tour in fall 2023 - enlightenment included!

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Tempodrom Möckernstraße 10 10963 Berlin

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