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„Internationale Kommunikation erleichtert – werden Sie Sprachprofi durch digitale Übersetzer!“

In the organizer's words:

Digital tools such as Google Translate and Google Lens make it easy to translate texts and voice input into different languages. From German into another language or vice versa. This makes it easier for us to communicate worldwide.

With Google Lens, for example, written texts in foreign languages can be translated into your own language via the camera, which can be helpful on vacation, for example. You can use your own smartphone camera to easily translate restaurant menus, the daily newspaper or food descriptions. In this presentation, we will explain how you can do this with your own smartphone.This offer is primarily aimed at senior citizens. Limited number of participants. Registration in advance is required: on site at the library, by telephone or by e-mail.

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Stadtbibliothek Bremerhaven Bürgermeister-Smidt-Straße 10 27568 Bremerhaven

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