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(Ist). Ein Kammerspiel von Parnia Shams

In the organizer's words:

The play by young Iranian author, actress and director Parnia Shams is set in the classroom of a private girls' school in Tehran. The 16-year-old Mahoor is new to the school and makes friends with the best girl in the class. But their intimate relationship soon comes under pressure. Her classmates react with mistrust and bullying, and the teachers begin to suspect that something inappropriate might be going on between the two. How do the young women deal with this test of endurance? During the subtle and nuanced production, you only see and hear the schoolgirls. What the school management or the teachers say and do remains invisible and can only be inferred from the girls' answers and reactions. The precise depiction of everyday school life makes the feeling of control in a surveillance state tangible. "'Ist' by Parnia Shams shows very casually, precisely and vividly how the Iranian dictatorship, constant control and fear poison people's lives",
wrote the SZ. The intimate play tells a lot about solidarity, resistance and sisterhood, but also about women's rights in Iran and human rights all over the world.

Farsi with German surtitles

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Price information:

VVK: regular: 16 - 22€ // reduced: 8 - 11€ B.O.: regular: 20 - 26€ // reduced: 10 - 13€


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