Jeannine Michaelsen - „Geh zum Fernsehen!“ - haben sie gesagt...

In the organizer's words:

Jeannine Michaelsen

"Go to television!" they said....

My name is Jeannine Michaelsen. I am a woman. I'm 40, I work in television. In this universe, I regularly despair of structures, men, women, animal babies, sexism, bad coffee and myself. I also have a child. Self-made and self-fucked up. In between, I still menstruate regularly. If things go really crazy, these things even happen in parallel.

How could all this happen, you ask? Rightly so! And, just as important: what all had to happen, and what all couldn't happen, for this to happen? Let's clarify. Intimately. Just you and me. And wine, woman (me), wit and song. And hopefully a few more people, because such a theater is expensive.

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Kap. 8 - Münster Idenbrockplatz 8 48159 Münster


plan b.

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