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Jetpack VINETA-Fly oder Flyboard

In the organizer's words:

The dream of flying is as old as the history of mankind.

We make it possible - with the help of water pressure, you can fly like James Bond with the "VINETA-Fly" jetpack or flyboard.

VINETA-Fly" jetpack

What it takes to fly fits in a rucksack: 100 liters of water per second are pumped through a ten-meter-long hose and expelled through two water nozzles, so that after a short briefing and with a little skill you can fly several meters high.


Flying with the help of water pressure! In contrast to the jetpack, the steering nozzles are on your feet - balance and a feel for your feet are required!

Meeting point

20 minutes before the start on the beach below the VINETA bistro on the Magdeborn peninsula

Details & price

169.00 EUR on the fixed dates | special dates will be charged individually

Duration incl. instruction: 2 hours, of which in the water: approx. 30 min

Changes to the schedule due to technical or weather-related changes are possible at short notice. We will inform you according to the current situation.

Returns and rebooking are excluded after ticket purchase!


General information

Before the start, the safety roll is practiced in the water and all essential flight instructions are given. The instructor starts the VINETA-Fly with the remote control, from then on the participant controls his flight himself, only the engine throttle is controlled by the instructor during the flight. The instructions of the trainer must be followed at all times. Failure to do so will result in the booked service being canceled without compensation. A charter contract must be concluded for the flight.

Children under the age of 16 are not permitted.

Please bring

Please bring a T-shirt (for the water), swimwear, bathing shoes and towel, neoprene if available (changing facilities at the VINETA bistro).

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