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John Doyle: Das Leben ist Abenteuer genug

In the organizer's words:

Why do people actually seek adventure in extreme situations? Skydiving on Mondays, bungee jumping on Tuesdays, swimming with piranhas in the jungle on Wednesdays! John Doyle would also like to experience such adventures. Unfortunately, he can't.

The other day my kneecap popped out when I sneezed," says the German-American comedian. "When you're over 40, it's a little adventure every time to cut your toenails on the edge of the bathtub without an accident!"

John Doyle's stories possess a blend of lightness and depth. After his 4-time heart bypass surgery, he delivers his most personal, perhaps his best program. Otto Waalkes said about him: "I didn't know that a Yank could be so funny in German."

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Price information:

from €17.37


Atelier Theater Roonstraße 78 50674 Köln

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