Judenfeindlichkeit, Antisemitismus, Antizionismus. Aktualisierte Formen antijüdischer Gewalt.

In the organizer's words:

Hostility towards Jews is once again topical - and in several contexts. The focus is on debates about definitions of anti-Semitism, post-colonial criticism of Israel and the Middle East conflict. In 2023, the first discussions broke out about the stereotypical anti-Jewish images shown at Documenta 15. After the murderous Hamas pogrom on Israeli soil on October 7, the brutal violence against Jews was publicly celebrated in many places - including Germany. In Europe and the USA, a form of hostility towards Jews emerged that sees itself as post-colonial and lacks historical knowledge. Young people in post-migrant societies in Europe also do not follow the "German culture of remembrance", but TikTok. The series of events sheds light on these debates and events from different perspectives and addresses historical traditions, outdated modes of argumentation and postcolonial updates.

The program will be published on the following websites:
University of Hamburg, www.geschichte.uni-hamburg.de/arbeitsbereiche/europaeische-geschichte;
Institute for the History of German Jews, www.igdj-hh.de

Prof. Dr. Monica Rüthers (University of Hamburg) and PD Dr. Andreas Brämer (Institute for the History of German Jews)

Responsible: Dr. Sabine Bamberger-Stemmann and Abut Can

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