Kabinett + Portmonee

In the organizer's words:

Dark abysses reveal the true face of Kabinett. The white façade falls away, leaving a dark and dirty veil of uncertainty. Out of the protection of abstractness and into life with all its facets. The fresh, used-up air tastes just as bitter-sweet as the first synth lines that pierce the room. A wall of drums, distorted guitars and oppressive bass displaces everything and envelops the room in a dense fog.
A voice breaks through the smoke. She tells stories from life, her own and others'. The words cast a spell over the audience, and the music leaves them speechless. The game of life has begun and ends with the last note just as mercilessly as it began.
Welcome to the Blackout Tour 2024!

Kabinett is an indie rock band from Mannheim. Smoky vocals meet broad synth pads and distorted guitars. It sounds like a black eye and a grin on your face: dirty, yet delicate and warm - a combination and a sound that has yet to be heard in the German indie scene.
After numerous promotions, festivals and sold-out club shows, Kabinett is more than just an insider tip from Mannheim and can now proudly announce their first German tour for 2024!

And there are plenty of reasons to celebrate! After the success of their debut EP "Not About Us", the second EP "Blackout" will follow in 2024. With a new sound and look, Kabinett are starting a 2nd chapter that feels even more charged, faster and "real" than anything before.

Portmonee will also be co-headlining the show:

Portmonee are a phenomenon in Berlin, like the bicycle-riding demonstrator in a Germany jersey who appears in every neighborhood, who annoys everyone with his ole ole airhorn, but who everyone finds iconic because they don't even know what he's demonstrating for.
After a 2-year break from creativity, Portmonee 2024 return with future all-time favorites. The new song 1.Mai will therefore be released on all platforms on Labor Day. Put on your tracksuits and come back to the Rauchereck, Portmonee are back and playing live!

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Privatclub Berlin Skalitzer Straße 85-86 10997 Berlin

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