In the organizer's words:

The band KAFVKA from Berlin is known for not being afraid to express their opinions clearly and unambiguously. While others are still debating the limits of what can be said, they created a real underground hit in 2018 with their song "ALLE HASSEN NAZIS", which became an anthem for events against the right. They later accompanied the FridaysForFuture demonstrations with their song "HELLO WELT", raising their voice for climate protection.

In 2022, the band released the album "PAROLI", with which they once again made an important statement. The lyrics on the album deal with political and social issues and show that KAFVKA is not afraid to address the grievances of our time. The album received much acclaim from fans and critics alike.

Now KAFVKA is already working on their new album "Kaputt", which will be released in June 2024. With this album, the band once again promises to deliver bold and provocative lyrics that will provoke thought and discussion. The release will be accompanied by a major tour, during which KAFVKA will present their energetic performance live.

Fans can look forward to another impressive album and unforgettable concerts as KAFVKA continue to raise their voice for change and challenge society with their music.

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Price information:

23€ VVK plus fees


Gebäude 9 Deutz-Mülheimer Straße 117 51063 Köln

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