In the organizer's words:

Few people know about the harmonizing and relaxing effect of raw cocoa on the human mind and body. In our cocoa ceremony with relaxation therapist and singer Beatrix Nikolic, you will not only learn a few essential things about cocoa that you certainly didn't know, but you will also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a very special chocolate experience. The cocoa is a ceremonial cocoa from Guatemala and is produced and processed according to ancient traditions.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to leave your stressful everyday life behind and really switch off.

To the music of crystal singing bowls and overtone frequency chants, you will resonate with your inner self and have a protected space in Gallery 4 to completely wind down in the guided meditation after enjoying the cocoa.

Mats are provided, but you are welcome to bring a blanket and a cushion to make yourself really comfortable with us.

The exact schedule:

  • Welcome and information about cocoa
  • Enjoying the ceremonial cocoa together
  • Interactive concert with a get-to-know-you factor
  • Guided meditation
  • Sharing
  • Farewell

Master tip: The best way to feel the effect of cocoa on you and your body is on an empty stomach. Beatrix recommends having your last meal about three hours before the event, if you can manage it. The cocoa is much richer than you may be used to and should also fill you up sufficiently.

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Gallery 4 Lindenstr. 73 50674 Köln

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