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Käpten Knitterbart und seine Bande | Theater Kokon

In the organizer's words:

(by C. Funke)

Do you know what the "Bloody Herring" is? "The Bloody Herring" was Captain Crinklebeard's proud ship. And Captain Crinklebeard, the terror of all seas. Sailors from the Skagerak to the Tasman Sea feared him. Every ship that came near him was boarded and robbed! But he should have let this ship pass, because it was carrying Molly - a little girl on her way to her grandmother. And he will probably never forget this little girl again. Mary, the wind catcher, tells you about the ancient and clever trick Molly uses to save herself in the end.

A play about pirates from whom nothing is safe and a little girl who frees herself with a really good trick.

Age recommendation: 5 - 8 years

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Price information:

Children: Advance booking 7.10 / Ticket office 8.50 € Adults: Advance booking 8.20 / Ticket office 9.50 €


Hamburger Puppentheater Bramfelder Straße 9 22305 Hamburg

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