Ausverkauft | Karneval im Schuss

In the organizer's words:

Admission with pre-sale tickets is only possible during the first hour of the event each day.
Please arrive early and have your ticket ready.
After the first hour, the tickets will remain valid, but there will no longer be prioritized admission and there may be waiting times and possibly an admission stop if it is full.
We reserve the right to refuse admission to people who are too drunk and/or aggressive.

★★★5 days full program★★★★⠀

-Thursday from 10:00 am⠀
-Fri. from 17:00⠀
-Sat. from 14:00⠀
-Su. from 15:30⠀
-Monday from 14:00⠀

From 10:oo a.m. the wild hustle and bustle begins with the jecken Allstars at the controls "Karneval!!!, party classics and Kölsch songs..."♪♫⠀⠀⠀

--- o9.o2. FRIDAY:⠀
FROM 5:oo p.m.⠀
Carnival, party classics, Cologne songs and evergreens...♪♫⠀

--- 1o.o2. SATURDAY:⠀
FROM 14:oo hrs⠀
Alaaf, morning pint and sing-in.⠀
►Party on!⠀
Carnival, party classics and evergreens...♪♫⠀

--- 11.o2. SUNDAY: Come on Effzeh!
FROM 3:3o pm⠀
►17:3o Hoffenheim against Effzeh!
Carnival, party classics, Cologne songs and evergreens...♪♫⠀

--- 12.o2. RUSEMONDAACH:⠀
FROM 14:oo hrs⠀
After the Zoch is before the Zoch!
Carnival hits, party classics and Cologne songs...♪♫⠀

*** 3x KÖLLE ALAAF ***

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Zum Goldenen Schuss Antwerpener Str. 38 50672 Köln


BHS Colonia GmbH Köln

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