PHOTO: © Paul Huette

Kelvin Jones - 04:00AM Tour 2024

In the organizer's words:

Big Juice aka Kelvin Jones is going back on tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 2024!

Tens of thousands of happy concert and festival-goers who were able to experience Kelvin Jones in 2023 know what that means: endless energy, haunting intensity and an up and down of emotions at every concert.

Kelvin Jones is an artist and loves to create new music in the studio that touches people in different ways. Streaming figures, record sales and multiple gold and platinum awards throughout Europe prove that he is already excellent at this. However, he really lives for being on stage and interacting with the audience. In doing so, he gives his songs a unique context to take the audience on a unique rollercoaster ride between wild dancing and thoughtful feeling. An experience that connects with others, but also allows a closer look into one's own innermost being. Guided by Kelvin Jones, whose biography already conveys influences from Zimbabwe, England and Germany, each concert is truly unique. Kelvin's personal "no setlist" rule ensures that this year's uniqueness is even greater. No concert has a predetermined setlist before the show; instead, Kelvin Jones spontaneously decides the course of each concert anew based on the respective atmosphere.

After the great success of "No Setlist" in 2023, the new tour "FUCK SETLISTS" in 2024 will take the experience to the next level.

Each city a separate show, each city an individual memory, each city an intense experience and a bunch of new songs in the bag.

This is Kelvin Jones - 04:00 AM - Tour 2024.

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