Kennen Sie die Milchstraße?

In the organizer's words:

In the bright city sky, hopelessly outshone by the light of earthly street lamps and advertising lights, the shimmering band of lights of the Milky Way stretches in a dark place in a wide arc across the night sky. For a long time, people puzzled over what was behind this mysterious glow, until they were able to unravel the secret with ever larger telescopes (and later radio telescopes). Today we understand the Milky Way or galaxy as an extended island of worlds in the universe, home to the sun and its planets as well as probably more than 300 billion other stars, which at the same time is only one of hundreds of billions of similar galaxies.

Speaker: Hermann-Michael Hahn ; Star guide: Dieter Ladwig

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Price information:

Tickets are available online in the observatory's webshop (no box office!)


Volkssternwarte Nikolausstraße 55 50937 Köln

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