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Kerim Pamuk - Kiffen, Kaffee & Kajal

In the organizer's words:

...or why we are all Orientals

KIFFEN, KAFFEE & KAJAL or why we are all Orientals - A cabaret evening by and with Kerim Pamuk about globalization a thousand years ago and today. About the value of exchange, communication and the funny consequences of isolation. You will laugh a lot, be amazed and find out what our correctly washed yoghurt cup, which we throw in the recycling garbage can, has to do with China's quest for great power.

Why Europe was only Asia's backyard in culinary, cultural and scientific terms for thousands of years. Why Arabs, Chinese, Indians and Indonesians are not quite so fond of Europeans and how black gold (pepper) became a panacea for constipation, erectile dysfunction and melancholy for Germans.

K.K.&K. - An entertaining evening about cultural influences and linguistic horse kisses. About German sanctuaries such as coffee and sofa, which we owe to the Arabs, and philological accidents such as "7/24" and "Ich bin fein damit", which we owe to the Americans.

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toll-free at 040-55565556 or by e-mail to Vvk at almahoppe . de

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Alma Hoppes Lustspielhaus Ludolfstraße 53 20249 Hamburg

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