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Kit Armstrong & Friends

In the organizer's words:
On the track of MozartRamón Ortega Quero | Sebastian Manz | Sophie Dervaux | Miléna Viotti | Noah Bendix-Balgley | Schumann Quartet | Quatuor Hermès | Kit Armstrong: Mozart

Rare Mozart encounter: With his operas, symphonies and piano concertos, Mozart is one of the most performed composers ever. But his chamber music apart from the string quartets is not so often experienced - also because of the unusual instrumentation.

Quartet and trio formations are numerous, but the combination of piano, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon is rarely encountered in the concert hall. One of the rare opportunities to experience these rare facets of Mozart's oeuvre is Kit Armstrong's "Mozart Expedition." Especially for this program, the exceptional pianist, sponsored by the legendary Alfred Brendel, has gathered a number of like-minded people around him to dive deep into Mozart's chamber music cosmos.

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€ 34,-


Kölner Philharmonie Bischofsgartenstraße 1 50667 Köln

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