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In the organizer's words:

KLAN are the brothers Michael and Stefan Heinrich. They are the chameleon of German pop music. Sometimes punky-political, sometimes with great heartache, but never without intelligent and emotional words, the two show how German DIY pop works.

With their debut "Wann hast du Zeit" and the two halves "Winterseite" and "Sommerseite", KLAN made it via unknown beaten tracks right into the center of contemporary pop culture, onto the country's stages, onto the radio and into the feature pages. Driven by convictions and with clear points of view, Michael and Stefan have made a name for themselves in the often so insubstantial music circus.

At their concerts, the passion that drives them becomes tangible - their music and their stories are universal, their charisma unique. KLAN are everything a pop band should be and much more.

The KLAN chapter ends in 2024! They started out as brothers with all their differences, Michael as a singing medical student and Stefan always as a thoroughbred musician. Both have become fathers and want to be there for their families, which is not always easy to reconcile with being a passionate musician. For the KLAN brothers, it's time to welcome a new phase of life in which Michael can become the doctor who has long been put off for KLAN and Stefan writes and produces music with and for various artists and has his head free for new things. 🤍

Before the end, KLAN's last album "Das Ende der Welt" will be released on March 1 and the last tour in autumn 2024 - with the final concert at Berlin's Columbia Theater.

Stefan & Michael's final words: "You should end when it's at its best - so right now. It's been great with you. Thank you."

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