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You cannot miss this event.
In the organizer's words:

You're killing us! What the hell was that? The place is bursting at the seams. Chants of "Clothes swap! Clothes swap!". Strangers fall into each other's arms and shed tears of fashionable joy.
The longing was great, the wardrobe almost empty. Just the same old uniform shirt on the body.

It really can't go on like this. Fortunately, we exist. We share your fear of uniformity and your concern about looking good. Come into the soft arms of your fashion alma maters. Exchange ideas! Cry a little. We will enjoy more than ever before, because our spirit has been deprived.

How does the swap market work?
Bring washed clothes. Maximum 12 items of clothing (shoes are one together)
Each item of clothing is stamped on a piece of paper.
You give us the stuff and go and hang out in the large hall with music and drinks.
When you leave, just take other clothes or the rest in stamps with you. For the next time. That's it.
So if you can't find anything this time, you'll have another chance next time.

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