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Six young Munich residents have formed the pagan/folk metal band KNAAT since 2009.
Their self-produced debut album "Die Lichtung" was released in 2012, catapulting the band out of Munich's youth centers and onto larger stages. Since then, the group has performed at various festivals and concerts.
With their second album "Ein Sturm zieht auf", released in 2018, the musicians break down the boundaries of their subgenre and draw inspiration from a wide variety of moods.
Rousing riffs and upbeat melodies invite you to dance, interspersed with orchestral parts and driving rhythms. This is not music to sit still to, here comes movement in front of the stage. (Source: band info)

The dark nectar of beer mugs once gave rise to the most horrifying stories and tales. NORGAAHL breathes new life into the old Raunacht stories and takes you into a thunderstorm of deadly, dark and murderous metal.

Deep bass lines and powerful double bass create the foundation for an impenetrable thicket of guitar runs and riffs, over which a mighty storm of vocals rages, merging melodies with brutality. NORGAAHL have been unleashing their music on metal fans since 2016, striving inexorably to achieve musical domination.

The messages of ancient sagas and fairy tales embody the deep-rooted fear of darkness and death that they bring with them. The band confronts the Grim Reaper with grooves that make even black metal fans tremble. The confrontation with death may be dark and melancholy at times, but never squeamish. (Source: band info)

When it comes to cult thrash metal bands from Germany, ENTERA are a must. Founded at the beginning of the 90s, the Nuremberg band has already enjoyed great success beyond the country's borders. Staying true to their style, honest and straightforward, yet consistently developing further - ENTERA still manage to defy the mainstream after more than 30 years.

Well over 350 gigs are proof that ENTERA know what a good gig is all about. The basis can be described as thrash metal, but ENTERA's sound has other facets that always reveal themselves anew on closer listening. For example, the music of the Nuremberg-based band is occasionally influenced by death and even power metal. So it's no wonder that this band remains exciting even after more than 30 years. Every CD sounds different and shows the potential that still lies dormant in this band.

In the words of band founder Carsten: "Metal for metal maniacs"! There's hardly anything to add to that. But the focus is not always on having fun. In their lyrics, ENTERA not only deal with their passion for heavy metal, but also tackle serious and socially critical topics, which is extremely important, especially in this day and age. (Source: Bandinfo)

ASMODAY is a black metal band from Munich that was founded in 2011. Since then, they have made a name for themselves in the scene and are known for their dark and aggressive sounds. They recently released their new single "Boandlkramer". The song is another example of the band's ability to combine heavy riffs and melodies to create unique and captivating music. Black Metal fans should have heard ASMODAY! (Source: Bandinfo)

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