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From November 21, 2024, it is once again called

"Sidd höösch leev Lück,sidd stell!".
Once again, November is approaching, and with it returns a familiar cry: "Sidd höösch leev Lück, sidd stell!" This expression, which means something like "Dear people, be quiet and attentive!", marks the return of our beloved "Kölsche Weihnacht", proudly launched in its 28th edition by Roland Kulik.
From November 22 to December 22, 2024, we will once again present some 45 concerts steeped in emotion, lyricism and a generous dash of poetry. Look forward to a journey into the world of Christmas trees and the festive season, full of enchanting stories, touching songs and heartwarming narratives that deftly balance between humor and moving moments.
This event is a unique opportunity to celebrate the magic of Christmas in Cologne. We can't wait to welcome you to "Kölschen Weihnacht".
Be there and experience unforgettable moments full of joy, contemplation and festive flair.
In addition to the "Kulturgut Eltzhof" in Cologne-Porz-Wahn, the "Theater am Tanzbrunnen" in Cologne-Deutz is also the venue for this year's Christmas season. Emotionally, lyrically, with a big shot of poetry, there will again be stories, songs and tales about the Christmas tree and the Christmas feast
a balancing act between humor and heartbreak!

We look forward to your visit!

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Eltzhof Das Kulturgut St. Sebastianusstr. 10 51147 Köln

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