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What happens when an entire room becomes a work of art? You can experience this in the exhibition Headfirst into Art. The artworks surround you and you become part of the artworks! You can walk into them, see them on your body, hear and feel them.

Since the environments of the 1960s at the latest, artists have consciously focused on the movement of visitors in and around the work. The passive audience became people who had to become active with all their senses in order to "immerse" themselves in the artwork - physical engagement became an important part of the artistic process. Works of art should no longer only be viewed in silence and devotion; movement and play can also be part of the art experience.

From environment to immersion

The first room on the exhibition route is Ferdinand Spindel's "Foam Room", which was first shown at the Museum am Ostwall in 1969 and has now been reconstructed in its original size. By using foam, Spindel achieved an overwhelming and at the same time softening spatial effect, which can be experienced again today.

Marinella Pirelli's work "Film Ambiente" (1969/2004) consists of a spatial framework with transparent fabric panels as well as sound and color film. Visitors break through these elements in their movements and thus change the seemingly fixed spaces. Pirelli is a pioneer of experimental film and the currently widespread immersive spaces that allow the audience to move through the artworks with the help of three-dimensional projections.

Carlos Cruz-Diez is one of the most important artistic researchers of the 20th century on the effect and possible uses of color and light and their interplay in space. His artworks are always conceived as immersive and dynamic experiences for visitors, who can help shape his work "Environmental Chromointerférent" (1974/2018) in this exhibition.

Interaction with people is also crucial for Christian Jankowski's works. The artist encourages them to engage in physical activities - such as training together with hula hoops - which he then documents. In addition to videos and photographs of his earlier works, a current work is also on display: Commissioned by Museum Ostwall, Jankowski gathers schoolchildren from all over Dortmund for a "sports lesson" in the council chamber. The performance will be presented as a video installation in the exhibition.

Other highlights in the exhibition tour include the works of Joon Moon, in whose installation "Chasing Stars in Shadow" (2021) shadow children have to be freed from the second dimension with the help of a lantern and movement, and the immersive space "Field" by Design I/O, in which plant worlds can be created. Finally, the work "un|fenced" can also be experienced - an interpretation of the painting "Großer Zoologischer Garten" by August Macke (1913, from the collection of the Museum Ostwall) as a walk-in and interactive environment, which is being created in collaboration with the Master's degree course in Scenography and Communication at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the Digital Coproduction Lab at Dortmunder U.

Diverse supporting and anniversary program

Museum Ostwall will be 75 years old in 2024. Special events will be held throughout the year to mark the occasion. Exhibitions such as "Headlong into Art" will span the anniversary year from the museum's founding years to the present day. Education and art education have always been integral to the museum's identity. For "Kopfüber in die Kunst", children have helped shape the title and theme of the exhibition as well as the supporting and event program. Guided tours by children for children, workshops, readings and films invite you to a multifaceted artistic and creative exploration.

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Price information:

9,00 € / 5,00 € reduced


Dortmunder U Leonie-Reygers-Terrasse 44137 Dortmund

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