krakeelen gegen rechts – Soliparty

In the organizer's words:

krakeelen gegen rechts - solidarity party for anti-racist initiative
Fri, 10.05.2024, 23:59

AMSL (E.P.I.Q) @amsllamsll
Cuisine (Cuisine Records) @cuisine.records
Marie Lung @marie__lung

Profits at the entrance will go to the project "Vielfalt verbinden - Raven gegen Rassismus" and "AnFangAn e.V.". Another association will be announced during the event.

In May, we're rallying against the right!

Since correctiv's research, many people have stood up against the shift to the right in recent months and taken to the streets (in some cases for the first time): Against a fascist, far-right party with high approval ratings. However, despite all the joy about the newly awakened commitment against the right, we must remain vigilant so that strong words such as "We are more" and "Never again" do not fade away as an echo of insignificance without equally determined action.

Countless initiatives are confronting the long-standing grievances and new developments in a variety of ways, supporting people affected by racism, right-wing violence and discrimination and thus strengthening the backbone of our society and our resilient democracy. For this reason, we have decided to take the opportunity to "krakeel" together at the next rave against the right and collect donations for these initiatives.

However, we don't just want to support these groups financially: Rather, we want to remind ourselves together at the rave that we all need to get and stay active. Solidarity can start on the dancefloor, but it must not end there! It must be the basic maxim of our actions. We must resolutely support the struggles of those affected and take them to the streets. We are more than hedonism, intoxication and music. We have attitude. We stand for an open, diverse and just society. We demand radical change. And we won't give up until justice is done. Support us in this!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the artists who are making their way to Cologne without a fee to play with us and set an example of solidarity.

We want to create a space that is as free of discrimination as possible, where everyone feels welcome. That's why we want all guests to treat each other with solidarity and respect. There will also be an awareness team.

Tickets at the Box Office: 16€-20€

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Price information:

Don't have much - 14€ Normal - 16€ Spendierhosen - 18€ All profits from ticket sales will be donated.


YUCA Bartholomäus-Schink-Straße 65 50825 Köln

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