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8 years have passed since queer Australian/Italian-Armenian eclectic artist, Kristian Bahoudian, aka Kris Baha, swapped the parched red earth and scorching midday sun of the Australian countryside for the brutalist buildings, communist apartment blocks and slate gray skies of Berlin. Now firmly settled in his adopted home, Baha is known for his mutant production style inspired by sun-scorched hallucinatory visions of the past future and the furtive, concrete-clad industrial hum of the metropolis after dark.
Kris is a fixture in Berlin's industrial/EBM and club scene, playing at notable parties/venues such as Cocktail D'Amore, Tresor, Berghain, RSO and Urban Spree, where he dives deep into the void to deliver extended sets of otherworldly machine music and host his own party night, Wired.
The same ethos applies to his performative live shows, which were originally inspired by his love of the pioneering shows of the industrial music era.
When he's not channeling musical spirits to inspire dancers, Baha can be found in the shadows of his studio. There he works as a remixer for such well-known artists and bands as Boy Harsher, Boys Noize, Qual (Lebanon Hanover), Kontravoid, Inhalt, Patriachy, Hercules & Love Affair, Red Axes and the list
goes on. There was also a notable collaboration with Australian maverick Dreems as The Oranges. But it's his own quirky, mutant productions that Baha is undoubtedly best known for. They create their own sonic space between cyber-industrial, EBM, wave, post-punk and early 90s IDM.
In 2018 and 2019 Kris released a series of highly acclaimed EPs such as "Autora" on Cocktail D'Amore, "Can't Keep The Fact/ My Master", both on legendary Rotterdam label Pinkman, as well as his debut album "Palais", but it was his breakthrough EP "In Your Arms" on She Lost Kontrol that led to a long year of touring in 2019, touted by DJs in various music scenes, all finding common ground with the minimalist EBM energy of "Revolting".
In 2021, Kris released a single titled 'Into The Dark', which explores the live music sensibilities of Kris' production skills, coming full circle to his earlier background as a songwriter. Into The Dark" reflects the feel of the late 80's / 90's transitional musical phases in the industrial/wave scene and is in some ways a reflection of Kris' current
musical direction as he presents himself in a different shade of darkness.
In 2022, Kris was asked by Hercules & Love Affair to remix a single from their new album titled "Grace", featuring Budgie from Souxie and the banshees on drums. The remixes are due to be released on major label BMG UK later in 2022. Later in 2022, Kris has been invited to tour Europe with Boy Harsher to promote their latest album and movie "The Runner". Followed by Kris' own 26-show tour in the US in October 22, where he performed at Substance Festival alongside The Jesus and Mary Chain, Boy Harsher, Mareux, Kitten & The Hacker amongst others.
To respond to the current AI revolution in 2023, Kris is uploading himself into the cyber-ether with his latest project: GHOSTS IN THE MACHIИE.
"GHOSTS IN THE MACHIИE" unfolds as a sci-fi cyberpunk concept project set in two timelines. In one, we see a transhumanist future where human consciousness exists as intertwined sequences of binary codes, devoured and controlled by ubiquitous AI systems.
In this encrypted future, a profound awakening occurs among a select few who manage to mutate the code they have been dominated by, uncovering memories of their history that have been erased by the AI. Through this discovery, they realize they can transcend temporal boundaries and use this power to send warning messages to their former human selves. These eerie messages contain an urgent warning to humanity to correct the course of society before the relentless advance of artificial intelligence robs humanity of its essence. In this terrifying future, humans will become mere ghosts in the digital vastness,
robbed of their souls and become Ghosts In The Machine.
The cyber odyssey unfolds from a unique perspective - Kris' future self (his future ghost): a spectral being trying to warn its present incarnation of the ominous path it is treading and attempting to avert a dystopian future.
IN THE MACHIИE will be released on October 25, 2023 on Fleisch Records.
With an extensive career exploring the boundaries of art, Kris has spent the last 13 years building a loyal following in the electronic music scene from Australia to Berlin and now beyond.

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