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"KUNST" - Komödie von Yasmina Reza

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In the organizer's words:

On October 21 we start with the successful comedy


by Yasmina Reza into our season 2023 /24!

On board are Jürgen Hartmann and Benjamin Grüter.

Jürgen Hartmann, known as "Dr. Vogt" from the "TATORT Stuttgart", celebrates

Jürgen Hartmann is making his Dortmund comeback after almost 18 years.

his Dortmund comeback. He will play Yvan.

Another TV doctor is also with us for the first time:

the well-known as "Dr. Hannes Stresow" from "Praxis mit Meerblick".

Benjamin Grüter plays the role of Serge in "KUNST".


Three friends.

Serge has bought a white painting for an incredible amount of money.

A quarrel ignites over this painting, in the course of which the relationship between the three changes fundamentally.

Serge is enthusiastic about the painting, Marc thinks it is a "piece of shit" and Yvan, not wanting to spoil it with any of the others, does not take a stand.

Yasmina Reza describes in a psychologically finely drawn way the three men, their feelings, their state of mind, their friendship - a brilliant, eloquent comedy about the half-life of friendships for a furious trio of actors.

"Laughter protects, defuses, relieves, saves. To have a sense of humor, in the sublime meaning of the word, that is, not only to laugh at jokes, but to be able to laugh at oneself, without taboo, and to be shaken by laughter at all times - that is an enviable gift. Those who have it are blessed by fate or by the gods. Laughter restores confidence in ourselves, it elevates us above the situation. After all, the drama of 'art' is not that Serge buys the white painting, but that you can no longer laugh with him. If you can laugh with a friend, you can have all kinds of differences with him. You can even think in black and white, to a certain extent, if you can laugh at those differences, because a friendship is based beyond opinions. When you can no longer laugh, opinion takes over, and there is nothing beyond it."

Yasmina Reza

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