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In the framework of the exhibition EINE STADT WIRD BUNT (A CITY BECOMES COLORFUL ) at the Museum of Hamburg History
Guided tour - for adults - duration 1 hour

The exhibition EINE STADT WIRD BUNT (A CITY BECOMES COLORFUL) provides a special insight into one of the most exciting chapters of recent cultural history. Based on the picture and text volume of the same name published last year, the exhibition sheds light on "Hamburg Graffiti History" in the period from 1980 to 1999. In the form of pictures and objects, but also by means of stagings and works of art, it shows the transformation of a gray Hamburg, characterized by post-war architecture and wastelands, into a colorful, colorful city that was one of the European epicenters of the graffiti and hip-hop scene, along with Paris, Amsterdam, or Munich. Hamburg played a central role in the spread of the youth culture of hip-hop and especially the art form of graffiti in Germany. When the often spray-painted images, lettering and signs made their way from the metropolises of the United States to Europe in the early 1980s, a growing scene quickly developed on the Elbe that has left deep roots in Hamburg's urban and cultural landscape to this day.

The curators, deeply rooted in the scene, provide a particularly authentic approach to the exhibition and guide visitors through an exciting phase of Hamburg's urban development from their specific perspective. Oliver Nebel, Frank Petering, Mirko Reisser and Andreas Timm have been active graffiti writers since the late 1980s and will guide visitors through the exhibition in changing line-ups.

No registration required. The tour is free of charge.

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Price information:

Price is valid for admission to the exhibition. The tour itself is free of charge and without registration.


Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte Holstenwall 24 20355 Hamburg