La Cage aux Folles

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In the organizer's words:

The fast-paced comedy staged as a sensitive plea.

Albin and Georges are a charming pair of lovers who run a nightclub together in St. Tropez. Albin is the travesty star who enchants and bewilders the audience night after night as Zaza, and Georges is the prudent manager who stoically endures the whims and bad moods of the various theatrical divas and keeps the place running. Nothing could shake the happiness if one day Jean-Michel, son of Georges would not come home (misstep from young years) and announce his wedding plans. With a girl, of all people, and with the daughter of an arch-conservative provincial politician who would like to "wipe out" all the nightclubs in St. Tropez. As if that were not enough, the conservative father-in-law-to-be has also announced himself for the next day. The apartment must be rearranged, the fumbling banished to the closets, ... finally, both fathers are ready. The only thing missing is a mother. But what's the point of being a travesty star, after all?

Markus Beisel and Andrea Matthias Pagani in the leading roles make the Broadway success play a very special treat at the Capitol. Marcos Padotzke makes the music sound light coffee house style with a wonderful orchestra. Doris Marlis' debauched choreography makes you forget who is man or woman here. And Georg Veit stages the fast-paced comedy as a sensitive plea to understand our differences as enrichment. We are firmly convinced that the "cage full of fools" is not as far away as many think.

Total length of the play 2.35 h (incl. intermission)


Markus Beisel - Albin
Andrea Matthias Pagani - Georges
Alexander Sasanovich - Jean-Michel
Fausto Israel - Jacob
Johan Vandamme - Mercedes
Rosa Sutter - Phaedra / Madame Dindon
Thomas Simon - Edouard Dindon
Felipe Ramos - Hanna
Denise Golletz - Babette/Jacqueline
Manuel Weinmann - Chantal
Kathrin Lothschütz - Odette/ Anne Dindon

Directed by:
Georg Veit

Doris Marlis

Musical direction:
Marcos Padotzke

Piano - Marcos Padotzke
Bass - Katharina Groß
Drums - Mischa Becker
violin - Ulrich Zimmer
Violoncello - Bianca Breitfeld
Trumpet - Robert Menges
Reed - Carl Krämer

Vocal Coach:
Viola Hoffmann

Assistant Director:
Anna Lohmann

Margitta Marwede
Alexandra Partzsch


Daniela Werner
Caecilia Neuweiler

Georg Veit
Angela Krieglstein

Daniel Höhr
Niklas Hofmann
Tobias Kraus
Harald Wieland

Thorsten Riehle

Production assistance:
Sabrina Iannuzzi-Hüttinger

Evening production manager:
Laura Track

Organizer: Nonprofit Children's and Adult Theater Capitol Mannheim UG

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Price information:

1st cat 53,00 € | 45,00 € 2nd cat 46,00 € | 38,00 € 3rd cat 39,00 € | 31,00 €

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