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Lars Ruth - Der Seher

In the organizer's words:

A seer is a supposedly supernaturally gifted person who can predict the future for those who believe in it or read the thoughts of their fellow human beings. Lars Ruth is another such charlatan. But one who means well with you. Sensitive and empathetic, Lars Ruth takes you on a journey into the world of the supernatural. So follow the charismatic mentalist on an expedition into the realm of fortune tellers, hypnotists and dream interpreters. In this show, Lars Ruth introduces his audience to the world of miracles. He reveals how to recognize liars, how to transfer images and feelings to other people, or how you yourself can perform small and large miracles with the help of your thoughts and willpower.

So it's not just the artist himself who will amaze you, but you yourself will be amazed at your own powers! Because in Lars Ruth's new show, the audience is the star. Extraordinary experiences and puzzling experiments make this show a fantastic experience. You feel like Alice, who falls down the rabbit hole and arrives in Wonderland. Although Lars Ruth sees himself in the tradition of oracles and seers, his first priority is always to ensure that his audience has a magical evening in the truest sense of the word. Climb aboard! Next stop: Wunderland.

Lars Ruth is an ensemble member of the hit show "DIE MAGIER".

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Senftöpfchen-Theater Große Neugasse 2-4 50667 Köln

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