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Anyone who talks to LEA about her music quickly realizes that creativity in her comes from a kind of natural serenity. She likes things to just happen, doesn't like to be judged, and imperfect records don't scare her. On the contrary: for LEA, they are exciting documents of time.

In 2016 she released her first, very melancholic album "Vakuum". Her single "Leiser" became a radio anthem and earned her her first gold record. Thanks to this new lightness and the opening of the LEA universe, she has found her very own sound world with "Zwischen meinen Zeilen". She remains true to this sound world with her third album "Treppenhaus".

For LEA, this is no reason to lean back. "I love output," she says when it comes to the fact that her album FLUSS is the fourth record in five years. "When I write songs, I want to share them as quickly as possible - I don't like waiting for the right moment, which never comes. I'm always in favor of not letting an album lie, even if everything isn't 100% perfect. For me it's a snapshot, a record of my own development. I can let songs go very well if the essence is right - and music is always changing anyway, always in flux."

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