Leo Middea (brasil) Live / Support Alexander Maisenhelder

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Thesoftrockcafe Heidelberg has invited Leo Middea to join us. He not only has his guitar with him, but also beautiful songs in Portuguese and lots of summery wanderlust. Alexander Maisenhelder will be the support act, and after the concert we can look forward to hot records from the Softrockcafe crew.


LEO MIDDEA is from the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro and at 27 years of age he has already traveled the world with his guitar. He is currently based in Lisbon, Portugal, where he recorded his last two albums: "Vicentina" (2020) and "Beleza Isolar" (2020).

Anyone who sees him on stage is struck by his energy and presence and how he maintains this intensity throughout his shows. With his first album in hand, "Dois" (2014), Leo at the age of 18 began his musical journey and ended up in Buenos Aires performing some 25 gigs around Argentina that year. His second album "A Dança do Mundo" (2016) was selected in several best-album-of-the-year lists and received positive reviews in the Brazilian and Portuguese press. "Vicentina" (2020) came with production by Paulo Novaes, arrangements by Polivalente and participation by the singer Janeiro.

The impossible never phased Leo, with this project taking off after he raised recording funds by walking the streets of Lisbon asking for 1 euro per person - a process which was also recorded for a mini doc available on Youtube. The record reached one million plays on Spotify in just nine months. Following his successful "balcony sessions" during the pandemic, sold out gigs in London, Amsterdam, Rio and Lisbon among many others, and almost 8 million streams on Spotify alone, Leo Middea keeps on exploring the world in search of new encounters and connecting with each audience he plays for.

ALEXANDER MAISENHELDER: On his nylon-string guitar, Alexander Maisenhelder plays wonderfully succinct song gems about conspiracy theories in the closest family circle or the melancholy feelings when you don't get up until 10 a.m. on Wednesdays and the day still hasn't really started.

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Price information:

10,00 €


Café Leitstelle Emil-Maier-Straße 16 69115 Heidelberg

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