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Les Founambules mit "Das Comeback"

In the organizer's words:

On December 17, 2023, the Rosenau presents a special humor highlight: Les Founambules.

They were with Harald Schmidt, with Thomas Gottschalk, in the ZDF television garden and at the major European humor festivals: The comic duo conquers the stage again after a long time out.

You just have to like them!

To the delight of their fans, the two exceptional artists need almost no text. Facial expressions and gestures immediately get into your blood as a high-dose humor cocktail. You can't help but take the two gifted comedians to your heart and follow their stories with relish. Whether the congenial duo plays goalkeeper and striker, chases an imaginary mosquito or pilots an airplane: The story always slides unexpectedly and hilariously from a harmless starting point into the absurd.

Great art: light-footed humor without words.

The fact that the humor of the award-winning Belgians comes across so light-footed and charming that it can be understood by everyone - and almost without words - is what makes their art so special.

Rarely does a performance have such an activating effect on the audience: after the show, you see people suddenly gesticulating wildly and still bending over with laughter. "The best thing I've ever seen on stage," said one organizer.

Coach of Frieda Braun

Jean-Louis Danvoye and Joseph Collard have trained, nurtured and significantly guided many young talents on their way to a career. One of the most famous is Frieda Braun, coached and visually staged by Joseph Collard.

Collard toured many countries as one of Cirque du Soleil's leading performers during the Founambules' creative hiatus. Jean-Louis Danvoye launched Belgium's next generation of stage performers at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.

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