Lieblings💛 Orte von Freunden - Stadtspaziergang mit deinem Smartphone

In the organizer's words:

Let Frankfurters show you their favorite places.

Take your smartphone, start the tour, it will take you to green oases, relaxed cafés, culinary highlights, historical places - the vibrant life of the Main metropolis - whenever you want.

You get a very personal city tour with lots of private stories and anecdotes.

The tour takes you around 5 km through the city and offers you more than 3 hours of anecdotes and stories from over 1,200 years of the city's history. From rattling sick people to audiophile musicians, from revolutions to concerts, from legendary clubs to royal residences, from tranquil parks to bustling markets.

There are fun questions to answer at the stops. For example, who knows that Napoleon Bonarparte had a "vacation home" here? And where? Find out!

The tour is a great way to get outside with family, friends or on your own and discover new things.

It's like being shown around Frankfurt by good friends.

You can start the tour at any time and as often as you like in your smartphone browser. On site or even from the comfort of your sofa.

Have fun in Frankfurt!

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Frankfurt, Norbert-Wollheim-Platz Norbert-Wollheim-Platz 60323 Frankfurt am Main

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