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Hardly any other area of society is as strictly segregated by gender as the world of sport. This not only has an impact on female athletes, but also significantly shapes the gender image of millions of sports fans. In LIFE IS NOT A COMPETITION BUT I'M WINNING, we follow Amanda Reiter, a trans marathon runner from the Bavarian province, and Annet Negesa, an 800-meter runner from Uganda. Both are confronted with the restrictive gender concepts of the sports world and try to free themselves from them in their own way. The documentary level of the film is interwoven with fictional moments. In it, a group of former female athletes form a queer-feminist collective that creates a utopian alternative world beyond rigid gender images. A brightly colored utopia in Cinemascope.

If history is written by winners, where are all those who were never meant to take part? It's not just the façade of the Berlin Olympic Stadium that is crumbling. The days of male dominance in competitive sport are also numbered. In the queerfeminist collective, the production team and athletes have come together to rethink elite sport in radical-futuristic poetry. They honor what was. And reconstruct what should never have been. The starting shot permeates all times. In a hybrid of documentary, archive and essay film, beyond all heroic stories, they expose the absurdity with which women, non-binary, inter persons and people with the "wrong" testosterone levels are violently forced into categories based on an illusion of naturalness. They demonstrate strength not along the contours of the weakness of others, but along the transformative forces of the collective. And self-empowered, they preserve the liberating potential inherent in sport for FLINTA*.

Director: Julia Fuhr Mann
Camera: Caroline Spreizenbart

Germany, 2023, 79 minutes, German-English original version partly with German subtitles



Supported by the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne

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Turistarama Mauritiussteinweg 102 50676 Köln

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