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Lizki + Good Wilson

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Lizki is the solo project of songwriter and singer Lena Britzelmair, who moves in the electronic realm between art pop and hyperpop. Her sound is characterized by various musical breaks that are pleasantly irritating and merge with her distinctive voice to create catchy songs. Her debut album Forward was released at the end of 2021 on Seayou Records and was described by record tests as a "dance on the ruins"; the SZ included her in its small selection of artists we will be hearing a lot more from in 2022 and wondered "How often can an artist burn to emerge even more dazzling from her own ashes like a Phoenix?"

After international shows at festivals, open airs and clubs in Germany, Austria and the USA, Lizki's new EP EASY was released at the end of 2023. Thematically, it is about mental health and the process of finding your way out of an emotional hole. Being frozen at first, then letting your emotions overtake you and then going off the rails as soon as your inner turmoil makes its way out. The thrill of losing yourself briefly in order to find yourself again - or as FM4 writes: "People are not clockwork, nothing runs in a linear fashion, especially not when the brain chemistry is partying again (...)"

Musically, this is realized through brute synths, instruments that are distorted beyond recognition, which are mostly intangible and wafting, while the vocals are sometimes overloaded with effects, then again intimate, unfiltered and vulnerable to form the contrast. Lizki is an act that is often difficult to pin down musically, which is precisely why it is so interesting. The new EP, with which she is now playing her second headline tour including a live band through Germany and Austria, is further proof of this.

"Closure" marks the start of Good Wilson's first tour through Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg. With the single, Good Wilson acknowledge their folky Americana side, but remain true to their dreamy indie sound: a melancholy soundtrack for saying goodbye to a far too warm autumn.

The single is dedicated to the profound theme of the search for closure of chapters in life's journey. The track beautifully articulates the desire to be immortalized in another's memories without the absolute necessity of closure, weaving in reflections on a dream of reconciliation. In the midst of a rapidly changing world, the song illuminates the poignant search for reasons to stay, accompanied by emotion.

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