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In the organizer's words:

Art, like life, is about love. Not always, but almost. It is a basic human need and yet has a different face in every era. Love as an instrument of power in antiquity, love as a means of saving the world in Christianity, love as an escape from the impositions of life in Romanticism or love as a liberal anything-is-allowed - the ideas of love have always changed with the world. But the longing for it always remains the same. This is what makes it so interesting for art, which always takes a different approach to the most beautiful of all feelings.
How is love portrayed in contemporary art? Which varieties of love are particularly interesting? And is there something that unites them all? The Stern-Wywiol Galerie presents thirteen artists from its portfolio in the exhibition LOVE LOVE LOVE. In sculpture, object, painting and performance, they provide highly subjective answers to subjective questions.

With works by: Johannes Gervé, Maike Gräf, Volker März, Anja Michaela Kretz, Jürgen Paas, Maria and Natalia Petschatnikov, François R. du Plessis, Thomas Putze, Yves Rasch, Babak Saed, Willi Siber, Sibylle Waldhausen, Detlef Waschkau

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Stern-Wywiol Galerie An der Alster 81 20099 Hamburg

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