Low-Mid Fidelity Prototyping for better decisions

In the organizer's words:

In a startup, one has to make important decisions every day. For the decision-making process - and also to test out ideas - prototypes are essential. But what is important in this context? Do you need to be good at drawing? We have the answers.

Even if the greatest ideas are buzzing around in our heads, putting them on paper is not that easy. The transfer of ideas to wireframes, which can serve as a common basis for discussion and help us to validate ideas, is a real challenge.

You don't need any special drawing skills - we can already reveal that much. It's more about your own imagination to visualize things as they could be.

In our low to mid-fidelity workshop, we would like to teach you the basics you need in order to turn your thoughts into initial interface ideas. We will introduce you to the most important tools, explain how to use them and end the session with a short design critique to bring a complete design process to life.

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Price information:

3,00 €


Metals Hub GmbH Platz der Ideen 2 40476 Düsseldorf

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